Camera: Lumix G9
Thoughts: I think the Lumix G9 is a great value camera. It's the Top End stills camera in the Panasonic Lumix lineup and includes a ton of high-end features that you will pay a lot more money for in an APS-C or Full Frame System, including In-Body image stabilization, tons of customization options, the top plate LCD screen, and my favorite  Feature- Weather sealing! The 12-60 kit lens (24-120 FF Equivalent) is an awesome focal range and produces great images. The Micro 4/3 catches some flack due to the smaller sensor size than its APS-C and Full Frame Peers, but it's an extremely travel-friendly system due to its size and packs a lot of value. And honestly, I have never been in a situation where I've thought I needed a bigger sensor, even in low light. 
Thoughts: Yes, it's a kit lens. But it's a damn good kit lens! First off, it's weather sealed (when combined with a weather sealed body like the G9). The focal range is perfect for a daily carry. 12mm (24MM FF Equivalent) is a perfect wide angle focal distance for just about everything, and you have the ability to zoom in quite a bit if you're in a pinch to get a shot and don't have time to pull out the telephoto lens. It's Not too big and it feels sturdy. 
Alternate Camera: Lumix GX-9
Thoughts: I Love the G-9, but let's be honest -- A large(ish) camera body is not always appropriate in every setting. The Lumix GX bodies are far more compact, and more comfortable to take out in certain settings where you want to blend in a bit more. I actually have the Lumix GX-85, but would recommend the GX-9 primarily so that you are not sacrificing much on image quality (16MP in the GX-85 vs. 20.3 in the GX-9). The best part for traveling is that the g-9 and the GX bodies use the same lenses! Regardless of what platform you go with, I'd suggest finding a platform that has both large body and small body cameras that can share lenses -- it gives you great flexibility to have your camera with you and feel comfortable taking photos in more situations! 
Thoughts: This is one of my favorite photography purchases! My thought is that you should buy gear that gets you out to take more pictures, and this does just that. It's an extremely portable (and fashionable) camera bag. You can easily fit it inside of your backpack or suitcase if you are traveling, and its really compact and easy to carry around with you anywhere you go, from hiking or just walking around the city. Also, you can attach the Peak Design Capture Clip to the bag, which makes for an easy and secure way to carry your camera instead of having to take it in and out of the bag each time!
Thoughts: This is a game changer alternative to the camera strap! You can walk or hike with ease with your camera secured and ready. If you use a camera strap, you know how annoying it is that the camera bounces around while you're walking or hiking! The peak design capture clip attaches to your backpack strap so that it stays steady on your chest (or you can attach it to your Everyday Sling, which has a little bounce but is still way better than a camera strap). Also, get the black one -- I have both the Black and the Silver, and Prefer the black because it is more inconspicuous. 

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